Welcome to FACTOR+

Factor+ describes the added value provided by the Swiss textile machinery industry. It stands for our shared commitment to this Plus. Our customers around the world benefit from our technologies + sustainable excellence, our high-perfotmance products + our reliable service, our innovative + environmentally friendly processes, our realistic + efficient overall solutions. We make no compromises in the pursuit of our common goal: satisfied + successful customers.


Swiss Textile Machinery Symposium 2017 in Egypt

The Swiss Textile Machinery symposium on April 4 and 5 2017 held in Cairo, attracted a total of 240 delegates of Egypt’s textile industry. They had the opportunity to meet 17 members of the Swiss textile machinery.

Iran Symposium 2016, Tehran

On April 25 and 26, 2016 some 350 representatives of the Iran textile industry met with Swiss producers of textile machines. Read the press release here.

75 years swiss textile machinery

In December 1940, representatives from 22 companies met in Zurich to form the first textile machinery group within the "Verein Schweizerischer Maschinenindustrieller (VSM)". The swiss textile machinery specialist group is herewith the oldest extisting interest group within Swissmem.